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Welcome to our site and congratulations for realizing you can only be your best when your brain is working it's best. No matter if you have goals you want to accomplish, issues you need to resolve, or abilities you'd like to preserve... improving your brain's fitness and performance will empower positive changes that can make a noticeable difference in your life.


And, that's how the Better Brain Studio™ can help you!


We provide a time proven, technologically advanced neurofeedback based training and conditioning program that balances, strengthens, harmonizes and optimizes your brain and central nervous system so you are able to minimize life's challenges and perform your best whatever you do.


Our fast and easy program is beneficial for anyone who wants to achieve their full potential, prevent cognitive decline, or relieve a wide variety of concerns including ADD / ADHD, anxiety, stress, PTSD, concussion, TBI, mood swings, unclear thinking, depression, memory loss, concentration problems, poor sleep, low motivation, behavioral issues and more!


Wouldn't your life be better if you could think better, feel better and do things better?


The Empowered Learning Transformation Centers can help you... we invite you to join the hundreds of satisfied people from diverse age groups, backgrounds and professions who have used our highly acclaimed program to improve themselves and get the most out of their lives.


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