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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Welcome to the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, where we value positive established among the staff, parents, children and the surrounding communities.


At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers we believe that every child is unique. Our goal is to facilitate their social, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth by providing a safe, nurturing, and healthy learning environment.


    Keystone Stars

    Year Round


    Before & After School Care


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers has a dual license by the State of New Jersey and Department of Education.

We have licenses for Pre-School and Kindergarten.

We are inspected periodically by the state to ensure that your child is protected by the state's regulations. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers supports these regulations and gives our COMMITMENT to QUALITY Care for your child.  Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a proud member of the Pennsylvania Keystone Stars Quality program.


It is the mission of our child care and learning center to be committed to the children enrolled in our program in their efforts to thrive in an environment that fosters friendship, curiosity, problem solving skills, self esteem and respect.  We will integrate cooperative working relationships among staff and parents.


The management and staff at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers value the children in our care as individuals and we respect the diversity of the families that have become integrated into the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers family.  We also value positive working relationships established among the staff, parents, children and the surrounding communities.  Providing a safe, nurturing and quality environment that is conducive to learning is at the forefront of our daily operations.


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