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Comprehensive Evaluation are recommended when there are concerns regarding complex learning and attention problems, and a thorough understanding of an individual's strengths and weaknesses is needed to inform individualized recommendations. We always recommend a comprehensive evaluation for children and adolescents.

A Comprehensive Evaluation includes an initial interview (2 hours) to discuss presenting concerns and gather a detailed history. Testing is completed over 2 separate days. On each day, testing lasts 3-4 hours (with an hour long lunch break midway through). A detailed feedback session (2 hours) is scheduled approximately three weeks after testing is completed to provide results, impressions, and individualized recommendations. Clients are provided later with complete written documentation of their evaluation.

Testing involves administration of measures assessing a variety of domains (e.g., intellectual functioning, academic achievement, language skills, visual-perceptual skills, motor-planning skills, learning and recall, executive functioning, emotional/behavioral symptoms) that are relevant to the presenting concerns identified during the initial interview. Behavioral questionnaires are also completed, including self-reports, and often by others who have had the opportunity to observe the client (e.g., parents, teachers, friends, spouses, co-workers).

brief ADHD Evaluations are recommended when an adult client wants to determine if s/he meets criteria for a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is a diagnostic evaluation and does not provide information about individual strengths and weaknesses, or about specific learning disorders.

A Brief ADHD Evaluation involves a thorough initial interview (2 hours) and administration of behavioral questionnaire measures to be completed by the client and by others who know the client well enough to comment on his/her symptoms (e.g., friend, spouse, parent, co-worker or supervisor). After clients return completed questionnaires, an hour long feedback session is scheduled. Clients are provided with diagnostic impressions and standard recommendations about managing symptoms. Results are documented in a brief report.


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