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How Sensory Processing Issues Affect Kids in School

And what parents and teachers can do to help children in the classroom

Your son’s second grade teacher calls to say she’s concerned about some of his behaviors in school:


He can’t sit still through a half-hour lesson and disrupts the class.

He often seems distracted and doesn’t pay attention to what she’s saying

He bumps into kids in the lunch line, making them angry.

He can’t hold a pencil correctly, so he struggles with handwriting.

He gets upset when asked to switch from one activity to another

He melts down during assemblies and has to leave the gym.

You had started noticing this type of behavior when your child was a toddler, but now it’s hurting his progress in school. You’ve been wondering if he might have ADHD. But his teacher tells you she thinks he may have sensory processing issues.


What are sensory processing issues?

Some kids seem to have trouble handling the information their senses take in—things like sound, touch, taste, sight, and smell. There are also two other less well-known senses that can be affected—the first is a sense of body awareness, while the second involves movement, balance, and coordination. Also, kids with sensory issues can be oversensitive to input, undersensitive to input, or both.


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