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To build an individualized program that helps you extend beyond your current capabilities and achieve your full potential.


Development & Academics

Programs that improve the brain’s ability to capture, process and retain information and instruction.



To overcome the many effects of brain trauma, these programs leverage the brain’s extraordinary ability to change.


Peak Performance

Like a personalized fitness program, our personalized training programs help you reach your full potential.


Proven Methods

We have been helping clients of all ages enhance brain function quickly and permanently since 1995. While many of the breakthrough programs we offer provide strong results on their own, our innovative approach combines these programs into individualized training plans to unleash your full potential.


Neuroscience research shows brain exercise improves processing efficiency and learning. In creating the right combination of mental and physical activities, we can strengthen functions like auditory processing, memory, attention, processing rate and sequencing.


We are one of the only facilities in the world combining modalities to enhance brain performance. In doing so we improve the brain’s complex signaling system and provide successful outcomes where other methods or standalone programs may have failed.


From top executives with demanding careers to individuals pursuing advanced degrees to top performing athletes – our programs are for people who want to sharpen their minds and reach beyond their current capabilities.


Our fully-certified staff uses a range of activities, including sophisticated audio systems, precise timing exercises, neuro-timing workouts and reading and language interventions to help you achieve a faster, stronger and better performing brain.


Much the same way personalized physical fitness programs help your body reach peak performance, our personalized brain-training programs use one or more of our research-based modalities to help you reach your individual goals.



A brain-based assessment, rehabilitation and training program developed to directly improve the processing abilities that affect attention, motor planning and sequencing.


A brain-based technique that combines an auditory program with specific visual and balance activities to effectively “retrain” parts of the brain involved in learning, communication and movement.


A brain-fitness program for struggling readers and English language learners that helps build foundational language and cognitive skills while increasing brain processing efficiency.


FitLight is a reaction based program that engages the user to make split decision reactions. This program has been used by many pro athletes and is excellent for reaction time, hand eye coordination, acceleration and speed.


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