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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

The mission of Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is to utilize the resources of our interdisciplinary team to assist individuals with disabling conditions to achieve optimal physical, cognitive, and emotional function.


The Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is committed to the promotion of the basic human rights, dignity, health, and safety of all the patients we serve.  Patients are provided services equally without regard to race, color, creed, gender, age or physical status.


Our core treatment is an interdisciplinary program for individuals with chronic pain, concussions, and other work-related conditions that impair function. Based on a proven biopsychosocial model, the highly structured, interdisciplinary curriculum, typically lasting 20 days, combines the resources of physical therapy, medicine, psychology, and vocational counseling to educate and


assist individuals toward the restoration of function and productivity.


The same multidisciplinary expertise is also available to be brought together to treat patients with concussions. Whether a given patient requires only medical care, or any combination of medical, psychological, neuropsychological, physical therapy and vocational counseling, they can have access to all the needed expert care under one roof.


Referral to the Program should be considered when a patient complains of chronic pain and most of the following criteria are present:


•Pain or symptoms pain that exceed 3 months in duration

•Surgery is not being contemplated or the patient did not respond successfully to surgery

•Significant use of medication for pain management

•Recovery landmarks not being achieved

•Failure to benefit from acute physical therapy or a work hardening program

•History of an unsuccessful transition to work.

•Emotional distress (depression, fear, anger or anxiety).


Patients thought to be appropriate candidates for the Interdisciplinary Pain Program are

first assessed by the members of our interdisciplinary team – our physician, physical therapist

and psychologist. The results of this 3-Point Evaluation are discussed with the patient and case

manager in a conference. Patients who do not prove to be candidates for participation in the full

program is given specific treatment recommendations.


Patients participating in the Interdisciplinary Pain Program are seen by our physicians on a daily basis. Efforts are made to reduce the use of redundant or inappropriate medications that may be ultimately harmful, encouraging instead safer and more effective means of managing pain and distress. Patients participate in a structured program of physical therapy, individual and group psychotherapy, vocational counseling, nutrition and medical education to improve overall function and enhance self-management of pain.


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