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Specializing in Neurocognitive & Psychoeducational Assessment

Neuropsychological assessment is the systematic acquisition and evaluation of data about a person's cognitive capabilities in order to understand brain-behavior relationships.

Neuropsychological assessment involves an in-depth clinical interview, administration of a battery of standardized tests, and collection of both qualitative and quantifiable information from collateral sources.

Neuropsychological assessment is useful in ruling out a host of neurodevelopmental conditions such as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and autism spectrum disorder.

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a private psychology practice that specializes in neuropsychological assessment and related services for individuals ages 5 - 100. It is one of just a few clinics in Minnesota and the surrounding states that offers the unique service of comprehensive neuropsychological testing for the purposes of diagnosing learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and other neurodevelopmental conditions.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers Services:  Neuropsychological Assessment

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment

Targeted Neuropsychological Assessment

Individualized Assessment

A Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment can answer both broad and specific questions like:

Does my daughter have some sort of learning disability?  

I know my child is bright, so why don't his grades show it?

Why do the teachers keep saying my son is underachieving and needs to work harder? 

Does my child have dyslexia and/or dysgraphia?  

Why can't I understand math?  

Could my daughter have ADHD?

Is it test anxiety or does my child have a learning problem?

Why is my son struggling in school?

I always did okay in high school, so why am I failing my college classes?   

Why does my daughter need to work so much harder than her friends to get the same grades?

I'm 50 and still wondering if I have a learning disability. 

Is this a normal variation in learning or something diagnostic?


In order to meet the unique needs of each client, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers offers 3 different neuropsychological assessment options:

ELTC Services:  Neuropsychological Assessment

The Targeted Neuropsychological Assessment involves looking at general ability plus a targeted area of concern. The Targeted Assessment is appropriate for individuals who experience challenges in one specific cognitive/learning area and are functioning well in all other areas. A Targeted Assessment focuses on answering one specific diagnostic question and ruling out (or in) one particular diagnosis. It can be conducted for dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, and language disorder. A Targeted Assessment cannot be conducted for autism spectrum disorder because autism impacts numerous areas of development. A Targeted Assessment is usually not sufficient to request ACT or SAT accommodations.


The Individualized Assessment is generally reserved for people who have had some testing within the past 12 months but still have unanswered questions. It is meant to fill in the gaps and answer clinical questions not covered by previous testing administered by other clinicians or agencies. The scope of an Individualized Assessment is determined on a case-by-case basis. The past testing will be reviewed and a plan will be formulated depending on individual needs and diagnostic questions.


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