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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

We are a full scope optometric and optical practice located in the New Jersey-Metro area, dedicated to providing the highest quality vision care to patients of all ages, in a friendly, comfortable and professional atmosphere. With a highly trained staff and state of the art equipment, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers strives to go beyond “20/20.”


Choosing the appropriate optometrist/eye care professional is of the utmost importance to you and your family. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is concerned with prevention, treatment, remediation, and enhancement of the visual system for children and adults to achieve optimal function.


The American Optometric Association recommends a yearly eye exam for adults – not only to detect and to diagnose vision changes or problems – but, also to maintain eye health. For example, glaucoma, a disease caused by increased pressure in the eye, commonly goes unnoticed by adults. Regular vision examinations are also important for the prevention of vision problems created or aggravated by today’s academic and professional demands.


21st century lifestyles demand more from our vision than ever before. Adults in our technological society constantly use their near vision at work and at home. Environmental stresses on the visual system (including excessive computer use or close work) can sometimes induce headaches and/or visual difficulties which can be effectively treated with corrective lenses and/or Vision Therapy.


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