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Assisted Yoga is a therapy used to open tight, aching joints, stretch the whole body and release tight fascia. Personalized sessions promote body awareness and deep relaxation among many other benefits.


Athletes can benefit from Assisted Yoga as it increases flexibility, reduces soreness and relieves tension while quieting the mind to aid in peak performance. Assisted Yoga has been known to help sufferers of chronic muscle or joint pain, headaches, and stress. Everyone can benefit from relieving muscular tension, improving circulation, boosting the immune system and balancing the body energetically.


For people who have a regular yoga practice, Assisted Yoga is a great way to focus on specific areas that may require more attention and assistance than a typical “potpourri” public yoga class can offer. For those who have never tried yoga, and worry that “I’m just not flexible enough,” Assisted Yoga is a great way to start to work out the kinks and tightness that are a result of normal everyday living.


For your session, wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move and stretch in, yoga/workout clothes are perfect. While many of the stretches are performed on a yoga mat, others may be performed while standing or while seated in a chair. All movements and positions can be modified to the client’s abilities.


Clients receive specialized and tailored programs that:

Increase Flexibility

Prevent Injury

Maximize Technical Performance

Increase Stability

Rapidly Improve Speed and Power

Increases relaxation and meditation


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers focuses the following skills specifically tailored to each client:

Deep Breathing

Strong Core & Flexible Muscles

Precise & Graceful Movement

Balance and Dynamic Stability


Healthy Posture


Body awareness


While many clients choose Assisted Yoga to simply improve their flexibility and overall fitness, these sessions can be deeply therapeutic. Stretching increases flexibility, mobility, and health of muscles, tendons, and ligaments reducing the risk of muscle strain and tear. Regular stretching significantly helps prevent sports injuries by increasing blood flow into the deep tissue which improves oxygen and nutrition delivery promoting myofascial growth and repairs, while stimulating lymph drainage, which helps to eliminate wastes.

All of this helps to enhance recovery from intense training and performance, protecting you from pain, spasms, and tension which will ultimately inhibit your movement and performance.


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