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Life is all about performance.  If you perform well, you live well.  We help you perform at your best.  Empowered Learning Transformation Centers your gym for brain fitness, and team of EEG and mindfulness trainers your personal brain coaches!

Is there something that holds you back or an area that you’d like to improve upon?  Or, you just always want to be “on-point?”  We leverage neurotechnology and experience to identify these areas, which lets us design a customized and targeted training plan to help you achieve your cognitive goals.


Every brain is unique

QEEG “Brain Mapping” is an evidence-based foundation for neurofeedback training and helps us get a snapshot of your brain and design a protocol specifically tailored to your unique needs and desired outcomes. Learn more

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Create long lasting resources

Neurofeedback is both exercise and therapy for your brain. It is a process in which simple auditory and visual feedback guide your brain gradually to make more or less of specific brainwaves, and/or to enhance connectivity. Learn more


Take a mindfulness break.

Mindfulness has been shown to have many beneficial effects, including increased attention, reduced stress, better sleep, anxiety management, attention, improved concentration, and inner peace. Learn more

Peak Brain is like a gym for your brain helping you overcome cognitive challenges and meet your peak performance goals.  Our training protocols include Quantitative EEG “brain mapping” assessments, neurofeedback training, heart rate variability biofeedback, and mindfulness meditation.  Consider Empowered Learning Transformation Centers and team of EEG technicians and mindfulness facilitators your personal brain coaches!

We offer alternative interventions for: focus, attention, creativity, traumatic stress, mood, sleep, migraines, hyperactivity, rumination, impulsivity, perseveration, seizures, alcohol recovery, test preparation, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries.

You can train with us in one of three ways – at one of our branch locations; our concierge program, where we come to your home or office (available in select cities); or remotely with our supervised neurofeedback package.

We offer free phone and in-person consultations to discuss how we can help you meet your brain performance goals!


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