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Empowered Learning Center of Monmouth is a Monmouth, NJ certified Supplemental Education Service Provider that was established since 1995, with the opening of our flagship center in New Jersey, Empowered Learning Center, originally established to provide a chance for achievement to youth who were struggling academically, has grown over the years to be a leader in education, for all ages and all levels.

Services provided by Leading Edge Learning Center include tutoring, mentoring and educational coaching, diagnostic assessments and test preparation, as well as career and professional skill development. Our programs are available year-round across six major counties throughout Southern California, with additional specialized camps and accelerated courses offered during targeted periods.

Currently, Empowered Learning Center of Monmouth contracts with more than 80 school districts and 40 colleges and universities. To date, 90% of our growth has occurred through word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations. In addition to expanded locations and partnerships, we are continually able to adapt our services to meet the needs of our communities. Our program development has included unique services for special needs students and families, high-achieving students, and senior adults.

Annually and semi-annually, Empowered Learning Center of Monmouth expert researchers evaluate the level of effectiveness of Empowered Learning Center of Monmouth tutoring services. Empowered Learning Center of Monmouth has consistently achieved recognition for the high standards of our program design and our students' growth outcomes.


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