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Signs of ADHD at Different Ages

It’s not always easy to spot ADHD symptoms. This checklist can help give you an idea of whether your child is showing signs of ADHD. Refer to this list as you observe your child over time. Keep in mind that all kids occasionally act in some of these ways. But kids with ADHD (also known as ADD) struggle a lot more with these behaviors than other kids their age.

If you’re concerned your child might have ADHD, you can print this list by clicking the view or download link below. Refer to it when talking with your child’s doctor about what you’re seeing.


Signs of ADHD in Preschool–Grade 2

·         Has trouble getting started on tasks and routines, such as getting dressed or putting away toys.

·         Often ignores directions or delays too much in following directions.

·         Has a harder time sitting still during meals or group activities than other kids her age.

·         Gets up, fidgets or talks when she’s expected to be quiet.

·         Has trouble stopping one activity to begin another.

·         Struggles to slow down enough to do things carefully.

·         Needs to be reminded a lot to stop and listen.

·         Has a harder time paying attention than most kids her age.

·         Grabs things without permission.

·         Is unable to wait for directions before starting an activity.

·         Takes too much time or needs a lot of encouragement to complete routine tasks.

·         Has trouble remembering directions.

·         Has trouble recalling facts she learned recently.

·         Tends to get very upset or angry over what ought to be minor frustrations.


Signs of ADHD in Grades 3–7

·         Has a tough time getting started on tasks, especially when the tasks involve more than one step.

·         Is often very restless.

·         Often fidgets, moves around or makes too much noise when he’s expected to be quiet.

·         Tends to forget what he just heard or read, unless it’s really interesting to him.

·         Often rushes through assignments or produces messy work with lots of careless mistakes.

·         Often seems to be working below his potential in school or on homework.

·         “Spaces out” a lot or loses focus easily.

·         Often stops doing chores, homework or other activities without finishing them.

·         Has trouble remembering day-to-day things.

·         Tends to forget things like bringing home notes or handing in homework.

·         Struggles to keep track of his stuff.

·         Has trouble waiting his turn to join a conversation or activity.

·         Worries that he’ll forget what he wants to say unless he says it right away.

·         Has a hard time thinking through the consequences of his actions.

·         Often says or does things without considering what might happen as a result.

·         Works too slowly.

·         Has trouble finishing tasks—such as taking a quiz or writing a book report—within a reasonable period of time.


Signs of ADHD in Teens

·         Has trouble getting organized and setting priorities.

·         Has a tough time getting started on homework and other assigned tasks.

·         “Spaces out” when listening to someone or doing assigned reading.

·         Often needs to re-read information or ask people to repeat what they’ve said because it doesn’t “stick” the first time.

·         Has trouble staying focused.

·         Often gets sidetracked from tasks unless she’s doing something that’s especially interesting to her.

·         Often rushes through assignments or produces messy work with lots of errors.

·         Often seems to be working well below her potential in school or on homework.

·         Has trouble remembering information when it’s needed.

·         Struggles during tests to recall facts she studied and seemed to know the night before.

·         Has trouble remembering day-to-day things.

·         Often forgets to write down assignments or keep track of her stuff.

·         Often acts impulsively.

·         Says or does things without considering what might happen as a result.

·         Often works too slowly.

·         Has trouble meeting deadlines for assignments or finishing tests within the allotted time.

·         Is frequently restless or fidgety.

·         Often seems as though she can’t stop talking or fiddling with things in her hand.

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